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✓ Dust free
✓ High moisture content
✓ High feed value

More moisture and nutrients are retained in our haylage by cutting the grass earlier and wrapping it fresh in the fields. 



✓ Low in dust
Rye grass
Timothy grass

Grown from Rye and Timothy grasses our hay is also low in dust. It is efficiently harvested and baled dry. 



✓ Quality horse bedding
✓ Wheat straw
✓ Barley straw

We pay special attention to how we process our wheat and barley straw to ensure it is best suited to the equine industry. 




Year round supply
✓ In control from seed to delivery
✓ Quality controlled and guaranteed
✓ Made from natural grasses

personalised service
✓ Local, UK and European delivery

✓ Free delivery

Top Grass Haylage are expert growers with over 15 years experience. We are in control with our own modern machinery from the moment our seeds are planted right through to storage and delivery to your premises. Our experience, machinery and knowledge means we can produce premium forage even with the volatile English weather patterns and ensuring all year round supply. Our grass is cut at different stages to suit individual livestock requirements, from group one race horses to companion horses, alpacas, sheep and cattle.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on the quantity you order and the type of forage you need. We have a wide range of quality products from premium to standard and our prices reflect that. Talk to us about your needs for the best price.

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"We have been using Top Grass Haylage for the past few years. During this time our success rate in terms of winners, prize money and amount of horses in training has increased. We believe what we feed our horses is directly linked to their performance and well-being. Haylage is one part of their very important diet and Top Grass Haylage has always provided good quality haylage." — Rae Guest Racing

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