About top Grass Haylage

Top Grass Haylage is one of the biggest forage growers in Cambridgeshire. We are specialist haylage and hay growers and also supply straw. Our forage is grown on a large scale to ensure consistent quality and year round supply. With over 15 years experience our team is dependable, flexible and friendly. Our thorough approach means we’ll get to know you and your livestock's needs so you can depend on us for that personalised service.

We pride ourselves on producing premium haylage and high quality hay and straw. Attention to detail is a priority and we consistently achieve high quality standards from:

  • The expertise we have gained from many years of growing and production
  • Using carefully chosen mixes of Rye grasses, Italian Rye grasses and Timothy grasses as key ingredients
  • Wrapping our haylage bales fresh in the field 
  • Using our own storage facilities
  • Not allowing any repackaging of haylage at any stage 
  • Using our own large range of specialised and efficient machinery at each stage of production

Frequently asked questions



  • Haylage comes in big bales (approximately 200 kg) and small bales (approximately 25 kg)
  • Hay comes in large big bales (approximately 500 kg), big bales (approximately 300 kg) and small big bales (approximately 150 kg)
  • Straw comes in large big bales (approximately 400 kg), big bales (approximately 220 kg), small big bales (approximately 110 kg), and small bales (approximately 20 kg)

We give approximate weights because it will depend on the moisture content and density of a specific bale.


Prices vary depending on the quantity you order and the type of forage you need. We have a wide range of quality products from premium to standard and our prices reflect that. Talk to us about your needs for the best price.

How do you manage deliveries?

We supply several counties around Cambridgeshire. Depending on your order size we also deliver further afield in the UK and Europe. 

  • We deliver a minimum of 6 bales within a 10 mile radius of Somersham 
  • We deliver a minimum of 12 bales within a 30 mile radius of Somersham
  • We deliver lorry loads anywhere in the UK and Europe  

All deliveries are free. For your convenience we’ll place the delivery where it suits you - in fields, yards, stables or feed rooms. We know that not all our clients have the storage facilities for large deliveries of forage. So we can do regular deliveries if storage is an issue. Our flexible service means you can choose your load size and how often you need a delivery to match your storage space and rate of use. 

If you need smaller quantities,

  • You can collect by arrangement from our storage sites (no minimum order quantity)
  • You can buy our products direct from feed merchants we supply

How much forage do I need?

On average, two horses will usually consume one big bale of haylage a week. But how much you need will depend on how much you are feeding your horses and this will depend on what work they are doing. 

HOW LONG WILL forage maintain its nutrients and quality?

Haylage will maintain its nutrient levels and quality so long as it is stored carefully and remains sealed. It needs using up in 10 days in cooler winter months and within 5 days in hotter periods. 

Hay and straw will maintain their nutrients and quality as long as they are stored correctly.

How much protein does your feed have?

We know it is important that horses have the correct protein and sugar level in their diet. We have a range of products with varying protein levels. We have tried and tested our feed formulas for over 15 years and full feed analysis information can be supplied on request.

How should we store our haylage, hay or straw?

  • Ensure rats, mice and birds do not create holes in your sealed haylage packs
  • Keep hay and straw dry, away from rain and strong sunlight


Yes. We supply clients in Europe and are experienced in helping clients manage the logistics of international deliveries.