Haylage suppliers

Haylage is our premium forage product. It is grown on a short term field rotation to ensure the best nutritional value. The finest quality grasses are used and the growing process is carefully managed. The haylage is cut, wilted, baled and then wrapped as part of the production process. This results in a high quality dust free horse feed. Once wrapped, nutrient levels stay the same until it’s opened. 


talk to us if you have any questions. we're happy to help. 



Why use haylage?

Haylage is good for high performance race horses and eventing horses who need strong lungs, higher protein and more energy for better performance. We also know how sensitive a horse's stomach can be and how important it is to get the right balance in their diets. The right diet can minimise the chances of poor lung health which can be caused by dusty forage. Furthermore, due to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, also known as 'Heaves') some horses cannot eat hay.  Further advantages are:

  • Our haylage is dust free so does not require soaking
  • High palatability ensures there is no wastage
  • Haylage is wrapped and can be stored outside helping to free up valuable storage space


  • Early cut haylage gives the highest moisture content and feed value possible. It provides higher nutritional content for high performance horses.
  • Mid range haylage gives a mid range moisture content and feed value that suits most horses
  • Later cut haylage gives a lower moisture content and feed value for older or injured horses

However, we encourage our clients to talk to us if they have any specific  requirements as we have a range of haylage batches to choose from. 




  • Horse feed (high or low nutrient level depending on specific requirements)
  • Sheep feed
  • Cattle feed 
  • Alpaca feed


  • Small bale - approximately 25 kg
  • Big bale - approximately 200 kg

We give approximate weights because it will depend on the moisture content and density of a specific bale.

Once opened, haylage will last 5 to 10 days and only up to 5 days in warmer conditions. 

What size bale you order will depend on how quickly you will finish a bale once it is opened. This will depend on what livestock you are feeding and what quantities they are fed. We can advise you on the best quantities for your specific livestock and needs.  



Haylage Nutritional information and FEED ANALYSIS

Due to its high moisture content the overall volume of our haylage can look less than ordinary hay, so ideally haylage rations should be weighed before feeding. Our haylage is tested in batches to provide customers with nutritional information. Each individual batch of haylage will vary but these are the average readings from our most recent haylage harvest. 

  • Dry Matter (DM) — 65%
  • Protein — 11%
  • Oil — 3%
  • Ash — 6%
  • Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) — 63%
  • Sugar — 8%
  • pH — 6%
  • Digestible Energy (DE) — 9.5%

Note, figures are as a % of DM. Detailed feed value analysis is available on request. 


  • The Dry Matter reading indicates the level of moisture content. The lower the Dry Matter the wetter the haylage and the higher the Dry Matter the drier the haylage
  • The protein reading shows total protein present including amino acids. The combination of protein and amino acids help with growth, muscle development and tissue repair
  • The Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) reading indicates the digestibility of the haylage. A low reading indicates high digestibility and a high reading indicates poor digestibility
  • The ideal pH for haylage is between 4 and 6%


Haylage Guarantees

We guarantee every single bale from our farm to your premises. All haylage is quality checked and leaves our farm fully sealed. Because of how haylage is produced it needs to be stored with great care. When haylage is first wrapped it heats up and goes through a fermentation process. If you expose it to air after this process it will oxidise and eventually mould and go off. So once our haylage is on your property it is your responsibility to store it properly. If you find any bale on delivery not up to standard, we will exchange them.