Top Grass Haylage is one of the biggest forage growers in East Anglia. We are specialist haylage growers but we also grow hay and supply straw. Our forage is grown on a large scale to ensure consistent quality and year round supply.

With over 15 years experience this dependable team is lead by Ben and Ed. With a flexible, friendly and thorough approach we’ll get to know you and your livestock's needs so you can depend on us for that personalised service.

We pride ourselves on producing premium haylage and high quality hay and straw. We consistently achieve high quality standards from:

  • The expertise we have gained from many years of growing and production
  • Using carefully chosen mixes of Italian Rye Grass and Timothy Grass as key ingredients
  • Wrapping our haylage bales fresh in the field 
  • Not allowing any repackaging of haylage at any stage (this would result in secondary fermentation and reduce quality)
  • Using our own large range of modern and efficient machinery  
  • Using our own storage facilities